Mint Promotion are a company based in the UK that specialises in Sublimation Printing and other custom clothing printing such as Shirt Printing, Cap Printing, Jacket Printing, Jumper Printing and even Mask Printing! Anyway you get the idea they can print on just about anything. Emma & Michelle offered to partner up with us and kit us out with some custom sublimation shirts and jackets. I’ve always fancied the look of the shirts that are worn at the Mosconi Cup, the sharp designs, polo shirts with a low profile collar and a zip instead of buttons just set out what I wanted just to be different from the rest. 

So what did they kit TYPLive out with? Well they kindly gave us enough shirts and jackets to go a full week an able to wear a fresh top each day! Brilliant for when we are broadcasting away or even playing at events that are over a few days. 

For the design I sent across a few ideas that I liked from shirts already out there and the idea that the shirt had to fit for any broadcasting event. At the time we was Pool based so it would have been understandable for me to get something pool related on there but I saw the bigger picture with expansion and wanting something to work for anything, more on that later. Here are the draft designs sent over to me. 

Typ Concepts

The colour scheme fitted the brand. Our old logo features on the shirt but still well connected to that logo and still connects to the name. We had a spot for our own name too just to give each shirt that little bit extra personalisation. 

So how about the jackets then? Well heres the design of them too.

Img 20190606 180231

We have also got a hoody with a black outside hood with red on the inside. Honestly to have the brand on something that looked quality was a great feeling. At the time we stepped away from the basic shirt and vinyl printing and went all out thanks to Mint Promotion. They are truely part of the foundations of TYPLive and will forever be grateful of their support. 

As well as kitting TYPLive out they have also of course kitted out many other Pool Teams, Football Teams and businesses. They also kitted out our East Yorkshire County C team for the EBPF National County Finals where we both broadcasting and played in the event. 

With how things have gone with TYPLive branching out into other Sports and areas the clothing allows us to link our appearance on and off the screen no matter where we are. 

Just below are some images from us and others wearing their Mint Promotion gear. Below the Gallery find all the links to Mint Promotion!