TYPLive was kindly given a tin of Lynch's Original Cue Balm to review and trial out. I have used many Bees Wax tins over the years to create a nice smooth cue action but non that claim to help reduce tension and anxiety by the infusion of Essential Oils to give you the benefits from aromatherapy techniques. So does it do what it says on the tin?

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The Essential Oils

Lynch's Cue Balm is infused with three different oils those being Tea Tree, Rosewood & Ylang Ylang. With this been the unique point to the Cue Balm as soon as it arrived I cracked the tin open and gave it a whiff. Wow it certainly smelt nice and the Tea Tree was instantly the first thing that came to the senses. To start things off I have only applied a small amount of the wax on my cue and a few other people next to me could smell the Oils so it certainly gives off nicely from the Cue. Now after applying it to a few cues of my mates the smell combination got stronger and started to smell like we had some of those candle sticks going in corner of the table. 

How Smooth?

Like with any Bees Wax its going to leave a very nice smooth finish to your cue. Lynch's Cue Balm actually challenged me to that I would not wear a glove after trying their product. As someone who hates any stickiness on their cue the longevity of an application of the wax is crucial. More over repetitiveness of wiping the cue down with it and also how long a tin would last. After one night of trying the Cue Balm its certainly been a nice introduction back to not wearing a glove. I found myself able to execute stun or small screw shots with much more precision and if anyone knows my playing style I really struggle with keeping the white ball in a neat area. Going from a sticky cue and gaining little cue ball reaction and no confidence to glove wearing and cue ball reaction to an unnatural feel to the hand; the Cue Balm has certainly given me a nice middle ground. 
Theres a lot to test in this area so looking forward to really getting to grips with it. Maybe a blog post on Glove Wearing vs Cue with Cue Balm coming up?

The Relaxation Effect

Going back to the Essential Oils, its use is to try and reduce the anxiety levels of a match and in turn improve your cuing accuracy. As much as I don't have a room full of Essential Oils to relax me during the workday I fully understand the aims of Aromatherapy and do find that certain smells do relax and calm me with past experiences. However at the moment it would be too early too say if its certainly helped or not with that in mind this review will get updated over time as I continue to use Lynch's Original Cue Balm.

Review Summary

Currently with only one night of Pool with Lynch's Original Cue Balm I'm certainly going to say it gives your cue a very nice smooth finish and the Essential Oils leave a sweet smell to your cue. I'm a firm believer in calmer mind = smoother cuing so hopefully once I've got a few more hours and sessions with the Cue Balm I will start to find the calmer mindset from it. 

Current Rating: 4/5
Please note this review is still open to editing and marked as completion. The Rating may change over time of use with the product in review. 

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