Predator 9 Ball Open 2020 (London)

7447 Trophy 1

So 1st April was no day for fooling around for ShootersPool players as it kick started the Predator 9 Ball Open 2020 (London). London in the name just represents the timezone of the tournament, unfortunately we weren’t on a coach heading down the M1 to the Capital. 

54 Entrants flocked to the Predator Open from over 20 Countries. Play started at 8pm BST and allows 3 days per round to complete your match-up. Each match is Race To 7, lag for break and alternate breaks thereafter. The London comp is played at the Masters Arena on a Rasson OX table fitted with a Simonis 860 Tournament Blue cloth and equipped with the new but controversial Aramith Tournament Black balls seen recently at the last Mosconi Cup.

Some of the stand out favourites in my opinion and via ranking for the tournament are AldouSnow (Bosnia–Herzegovina), Fluke (Finland), Kwak (France), IMAJICA (Ireland) and Stwayne Keubrick (France) all very highly ranked in the 9 Ball category. I would also put my good friend, Maudy (UK), up there too but with a recent rough patch with his cueing ability its certainly going to be a tough test to see if he pulls through it. 

I entered it just to see what the Official Comps are like and just have a bash, I’m still learning the basics of the game which you can witness on the live streams most night while in lockdown due to COVID-19. 

Below I have tracked my current progress as well as my top 6 favourites. Will also keep an eye out on a few ShootersPool content creators too.

TYPLive (UK)

R1| 7-3 L v Wolfpack

Losers R1| 7-5 W v DankSinatra

Losers R2| v v3r5atil3

AldouSnow (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

R1| 7-1 W v ace007

R2| 7-1 W v SNLoST

R3| v Zetazeta24

Fluke (Finland)

R1| 7-3 W v Joke

R2| 7-3 W v Stwayne Keubrick

R3| 7-3 L v Lasha Lomidze

Losers R4| –

Kwak (France)

R1| 7-3 W v Aimless

R2| No Show L v Zetazeta24

Losers R2| v Rino

IMAJICA (Ireland)

R1| 7-1 W v JawsAttack

R2| 7-5 L v creach petal (strong upcoming player)

Losers R2| v Aimless

Stwayne Keubrick (France)

R1| 7-0 W v TheRick95

R2| 7-3 L v Fluke

Losers R2| v Kekezeus

Maudy (UK)

R1| 7-5 L v Tommy

Losers R1| W.O

Losers R2| v Pepi


R1| 7-3 W v TESDER

R2| 7-1 L v AldouSnow

Losers R2| v Borja


Final is predicted to be played on 7th May 2020 @ 8pm BST. Whatever the outcome with my personal route in the comp I’ll be trying to cover the final live with a commentary team.

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