So, after literally 1,000’s of frames of pool in our inaugural “Welcome Back” competition we have got down to the final 2 players.
It is always difficult to run handicap competitions with such a varying range of abilities but we all did our best and apart from the odd match we have seen lots of games go very close despite some initial comments of “He will walk it off that handicap” and “He has no chance giving that many start” we have ended up with two very worthy finalists.

The final is taking place on Wednesday the 1st of September at 7.00 between Hulls Jake Newlove who has at times produced some blistering pool off the lowest handicap in the competition of -6, we would like to think that his practice in this event has given him the edge in his other matches where he has recently beaten some of the world’s best players including more than one World Champion, in all honesty we always knew he had the game and hopefully it will continue. Jake takes on our very own Dan Connell, again one of the players giving the most start in his matches. Dan is arguably the second best player in the competition so it’s a fitting finale for him to be playing Jake. Some of Dan’s games have been monsters lasting over 5 hours to get over the line, those of you who know Dan know that he will play for 10 hours if it means getting the win, let’s hope they both bring their ‘A’ games on Tuesday and the final is a fitting conclusion to our first major competition, GOOD LUCK TO BOTH. We hope we can get as many people down to watch the final as possible to create a bit of atmosphere, we will be doing a multi-screen stream in the bar area with maybe a few nice little tweaks to the norm, with the help of our world famous partner, Typ Live! Due to the success of this event we have decided to go again with the “Instant Replay” event, same format as last time, £30 entry, free tables and no admin fees, 100% of the money taken is paid out. If you fancy a go in this event then follow the link below or send us message. We will be closing the entry in the next couple of days with a start date sometime next week. Finally, we look forward to seeing everyone in the “Instant Replay”, the “Grand Slam” and on Tuesday evening to give the final the atmosphere it deserves. We would also like to thank everyone for their support and kind words since we opened our doors for the first time back in May, we have all been overwhelmed.