Here is list of the best free streaming software available to download in 2020. Lot of people ask about which software I recommend for streaming or even what I use in general so heres what I recommend as the best free streaming software for Pool and Gaming. List is in no order really so just see what takes your fancy to try!

Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS)

Streamlabs OBS is one that I personally use for streaming games and is the backup to my Pool streams so I guess its a good starting point for the list. This is the one that many gamers rave about at moment. Of course just as easy for hooking up your pool table camera. Download Here


OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is the software that kicked off a lot of streamers careers and for great reasons too! Solid community behind it for add ons and extra features. Its open source so that means anyone can pitch into the software with ideas. Download Here

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Nvidia Shadowplay

Shadowplay is a tool thats only available with Nvidia Graphics Cards so unfortunately if you dont have one then this option isn't for you. Its intended for gamers and can only really stream the gameplay footage. Dont be expecting to set overlays or anything with this unfortunately. However its a great recorder for gameplay! Download Here


New kids on the block here. The live streaming studio in your browser! Everythings starting to be in the cloud so heres the streamers cloud option. Auto selects the best encoding settings for your computer and goes from there monitoring your internet connection to adjust the bitrate to keep the stream buffer free. Download Here

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