You may have a basic stream setup for pool but you dont have a scoreboard so hopefully this guide and graphic will sort your stream out so your viewers can keep on track with the scores!

Few things needed before you can get cracking with the scoreboard on OBS (other streaming software will work similar and will work with this guide but OBS is the most popular one and the one we recommend to get started) If interested about other software we made a list of best streaming software here.

Hopefully you have got scoreboard software, if not check out our best free scoreboard plugin post here.

For this guide we will be using Scoreboard App which is listed first on our best free scoreboard.

To download the below graphic either click here or right click and open the image in a new tab and then save image as a png

Typlive Scoreboard Sample

Getting your scoreboard graphic into OBS

To add the scoreboard too your stream, right click under the sources, hover over add and then select “Image”. Press browse and select the scoreboard graphic that you want to use whether its ours or one of your custom scoreboard graphics. You will then see it looking something like this.

Screenshot 2021 11 21 173217

Making sure that the image source is above your camera source on the list of sources so its viewable. Next it's time to add the text files that will allow you to put player names and scores onto the scoreboard.

Once you open up the Scoreboard App it will create a folder on your desktop and will have .txt files in it with names such as HomePlayer AwayPlayer HomeScore AwayScore. These TXT files are regenerated everytime you update the scoreboard app and will reflect on stream too using the read from file function in OBS.

Too add a read from file text box to OBS firstly right click under sources and add the “Text” source. You can then give it a name to reflect which txt file you are using. After that a properties box will pop up. Tick the read from file box and then it will allow you to browse for the TXT file that the scoreboard generated. Once youve done that you can then pick fonts/colours/font size and press ok. You will then have some words on the screen that reflects whats in the TXT file you can then drag the text box whereever you need it on the scoreboard.

So after the first one you just have to keep repeating it for the other txt files you want to use. Theres also a white box below the scoreboard to put any other info you might want to include such as location, tournament name etc.

The scoreboard graphic is one of our old scoreboards and be nice to see people use it! If you do use it please show us! Tag us on social media or email us. All we ask is that you just put “Scoreboard by TYPLive” in the description of the streams.

Hopefully will be a video guide to follow this soon.