Ben Taylor-Fuente | The Pool Ref

Pool is a sport and like any sport it needs officials to oversee the matches. In steps one of the most social media active refs on the UK Pool scene, Mr Ben Taylor-Fuente. A ref for many tours and events around the UK but the main standout one has to be the tireless work he puts in at the IPA Tour. IPA Tour is seen by many as the top tour in UK Pool. Now shown on Freesports and BBC the TV coverage has helped the sport massively especially covering the ruleset of Blackball Rules. Anyway back to Ben, its a tiresome job out there, under the lights and pressure where every decision you make influences the game in some way.

Theres a lot of Refs out there but Bens grasped the social media side of things with both hands so if you want to find out more about Ben and possibly book him for your next match or tour then find out all his social media and website below!